Advances In Military Sociology: Essays In Honour Of Charles C. Moskos 2009

Advances In Military Sociology: Essays In Honour Of Charles C. Moskos 2009

by Dolores 4.9

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Location: Southampton, United Kingdom
Nationality: German
+44 77 20 400 173
E-mail: thomas(at)
Availability: immediately

Digital IC Design Engineer


German Passport holder, educated to Dipl.Ing. level in Microelectronics (equivalent to Masters level), living in the UK for 10 years. Lived and worked in the USA, Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong. Fluent in English, German and Slovak. I travel worldwide very frequently and enjoy learning about new cultures. As with my work I have a disciplined and organised approach to life outside it. A flexible and creative personality with strong skills in communication, strategic thinking, co-ordination, problem-solving and time management.

Principle Digital IC Design Engineer with 15 years experience in taking designs from specification to realisation. The past 9 years have predominantly been in the field of Digital High Definition TV, with up to 26 million gates in 45nm technology. My competence and versatility is such that I was kept by NXP for 9 years despite frequent reductions of internal resources.


Verilog and VHDL coding
Unix scripting
Simulation (Cadence NC-Sim, Mentor Graphics ModelSim)
Verification (Spyglass, code coverage, lint checking)
Synthesis (Synopsys DC)
Xilinx FPGA (ISE)
Actel FPGA (Designer)
DFT (BIST, scan insertion, boundary scan insertion)
SDF back annotated sims (set-up, run)
Static Timing Analysis (set-up, run)
Equivalency checking / Formal Verification (Mentor FormalPro, Synopsys Formality, Cadence Verisity)
IC System Integration
IC Silicon bring-up and Validation
Project environment definition and set-up
Database Configuration Management (CVS / Synchronisity TempoSync / ProjectSync)


EADS Astrium - June 2009 to Present
Migration of FPGA based Satellite-Radar implementation into an ASIC. Tasks involved VHDL modification around Memories and FIFOs, Simulation against FPGA reference design, Synthesis, Boundary Scan, Scan insertion, Formal Verification. Work with Atmel's Space approved cell library.

Imagination Technologies - October 2008 to June 2009 (8 month)
Work on a High Definition Frame Rate Converter, suitable for low-power Mobile Phone requirements. Full VHDL implementation from scratch of two large sub-modules.

NXP Semiconductors (formerly part of Philips) - September 1999 to July 2008 (9 Years)

Digital IC Design Contractor with leading integration role in HD high-end and mainstream digital TV systems. Work on 10 different projects of which eight made it into mass-market TV production for customers like Philips, Sony, Sharp and Samsung. Six of the projects were completed within 4 weeks of the original time scales.

PNX85500 (TV550)
- November 2007 - July 2008 (9 month)
Highly integrated TV reception and media processing solutions for the mainstream LCD TV market with picture and motion improvement. 26 million gates in CMOS 45nm technology.

PNX8543 (TV543) - January 2007 (9 month)
Integrated MPEG-4/H.264 decoder, the TV543 single chip LCD TV solution.
Tasks: IC core integration, work on infrastructure IPs, simulation (RTL, Netlist, SDF)

PNX5100 - January 2006 (12 month)
Advanced video picture improvement IC, NXP™s Motion Accurate Picture Processing (MAPP), to combine movie judder cancellation, motion sharpness and vivid color management.
Tasks: IC core integration, work on infrastructure IPs, simulation (RTL, Netlist, SDF)

PNX8336 (STB236) - September 2005 (4 month)
Set-Top Box IC with integrated HDMI and 1080p output.
Tasks: Database Configuration Manager to solve a DB quality issues. My experience with similar IPs used in TV applications and a similar project environment allowed me to ensure that the RTL simulation team, synthesis team and top-level netlist integration team are working aligned on ca. 36 IPs.

PNX853x (TV520) - August 2004 (14 month)
Highly integrated TV reception and media processing solutions for the mainstream LCD TV market.
Tasks: IC core integration, work on infrastructure IPs, simulation (RTL, Netlist, SDF)

PNX2015 (TV810) - October 2003 (10 month)
Companion IC to provide a second HD channel for the US market.
Tasks: Pad level generation, IC core integration, Formal Verification, Top Level Netlist Integration with Synopsys DC.

PNX8526 (Viper 1.1) - October 2002 (12 month)
Highly integrated media processor for use in Advanced Set Top Boxes (ASTB) and Digital Television (DTV) systems. Decoding 'all format' HD and SD MPEG-2.
Tasks: Full IC validation, bring-up, problem solving and full validation of use cases, close work with external customers in solving problems while bringing devices to TV mass production

ADOC - December 2000 (20 month)
Analog TV IC with digital audio / video processing. This multi-site project was several times larger than previous projects with a large learning curve.
Tasks: work on internal control core, integration of external audio and video cores, simulation

Painter Leader (UOC) - April 2000 (8 month)
"Ultimate One Chip", low-end analogue TV application with teletext for the mass-market
Tasks: IC Validation of teletext

VMIPS - September 1999 (7 month)
Tasks: Testbench implementation

Step to self employment in January 2000 with move to UK after 5 years employment with Sican GmbH  (now Silicon Image) in Hannover, Germany

Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas - March 1999 to September 1999 (7 months)
Implementation / Verification Engineer for DSP/ASP Group
Sole responsibility in defining & implementing test cases for a Flashmemory Controller Development. The testbench was written from scratch using my strong VHDL design knowledge I have learned during my time at Alcatel. After setting up a command based and self testing testbench it was easy and quick to write new tests to cover test cases.

Alcatel in Stuttgart- February 1998 – March 1999 (1 year 2 months)
Design Engineer - Telecommunication Multiswitch
Specification, implementation and verification of SDH/Sonet modules in VHDL
Gained very good VHDL knowledge from Alcatel's structured design rules. Work with the SDH/Sonet telecommunication protocol was one the most challenging projects.

Siemens in Munich - September 1997 – February 1998 (6 months)
Design Engineer - Microcontroller Development
Implementation and verification of a DMA module

ARM in Cambridge - August 1997 – September 1997 (2 months)
Technical Consultant - Telemetry Application
Specification and implementation of LAN and PCI interface adaptor to the ARM - AMBA - Bus

Philips in Nijmegen, Netherlands - April 1997 – August 1997 (5 months)
Design Engineer - Mobile Telecommunication Device Realization
Specification, implementation and verification of a low power ARM design

Ericsson in Hannover & Stockholm - April 1996 – April 1997 (1 year 1 month)
Design Engineer
Technology migration of a Telecommunication ASIC with test structure and RAM insertion
Synthesis, Boundary Scan, Full Scan

Sican GmbH in Hannover - December 1995 – April 1996 (5 months)
Design Engineer

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